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My practice with Judy has given me a new body. In combination with chiropractic therapy, I was able to reduce my scoliosis curve in my spine by 14 degrees. Additionally, I lost 15 pounds and now maintain a healthy body weight. My entire body has strengthened tremendously. I feel like a new person after every session with Judy. Perhaps more pronounced than the physical changes my body has experienced are the mental ones. Yoga has developed my ability to concentrate on immediate tasks exponentially. Moreover, my practice enabled me to see the world and my relation to it in a new and unexpected light. My practice with Judy has transformed my life for the better. Judy is a true healer in every sense of that word.


Every session with Judy is decidedly hard work. The process of becoming aware of your body and how it is situated in space requires a serious commitment of time and effort. Every movement is predicated on the breath. Some changes will be instantaneous and most will take place over many months. The trick is to go through the practice with ease and allow the changes to take place rather than resisting the changes by telling yourself how difficult it is to hold the poses. 


Judy's attention to detail and intuition allow her to (1) precisely identify the source of the problems within your body and (2) to successfully teach you how to fix these problems. I had done some yoga before I met Judy, but it did not come close to providing the intensity of practice and knowledge of one's own body that Judy inculcates in her students. The constant focus on maintaining a steady breath throughout every session is the key tool Judy harnesses in order to affect bodily and mental change. 

—  Simon Custer

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