Professional Training Programs

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"When the student is ready the teacher Appears.

When the student is truly ready the teacher Disappears."

                                                                                               - Lao Tzu 

Whether you are a practitioner looking to understand why you feel more at home in your body and mind after a yoga class, or you just "know" you have to share this practice with others, our program will meet you where you are on your journey. 

You will learn to embrace your confidence, empowerment and connection to yourself and those you lead on their journey by following the professional facilitator path.

Mentoring is the foundation for all learning programs.

If you are a yoga teacher and want to expand your own growth and awareness, there are workshops and mini-trainings for you with Yoga Alliance CEU's.

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Facilitator Training Certifications

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Guide

BMR Facilitator

Extend Your Teaching - CEU Program

Trauma-Conscious Yoga

Lights, Camera, Action - Your Authentic Self

Meet Your Students Where they Are

Observing Students with Intention

Facilitate the Edge