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Learn to participate in your own Health and Wellness using simple life enhancing tools and techniques as you navigate physical or mental challenges.  Build a stronger cognitive and somatic Bodymind relationship with yourself.


Your Own Growth and Awareness (Y.O.G.A.)™ is based on yoga therapy, which integrates Biopsychosocial-spiritual methodologies that affect physical and neurological processing which ultimately regulates the nervous system.

Founder, Judy Weaver says "we are energetic beings having a human experience in our bio-machine.  Our nervous system is the power plant and a resilient nervous system is a sign of a healthy Bodymind." 


Bodymind Recalibration™ is the culmination of Judy's yoga therapy work and her study and experiences with trauma and post traumatic growth. She has an endless fascination with how the Bodymind functions with the least amount of effort and how it reduces stress.

Underlying traumatic events - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, the Bodymind holds the trauma in the cells of the body.  This is physiological and biological - rather than psychological. In other words - the issues are in the tissues.  My therapeutic approach engages the entire Bodymind to create new strategies by prioritizing and making healthy choices.

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