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Judy Weaver, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, CEMLC

After 30+ years of experience with researchers and trauma survivors - I developed my version of Y.O.G.A. a pathway to Post Traumatic Growth and an empowered mindset.

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Life is hard - I get it...

We have all had traumatic experiences that may have disrupted our Bodymind connection.


Learn how to take back control and reclaim your authentic self.

An empowered mindset is critical to our well-being. 

BodyMind Recalibrate is a holistic approach combining therapeutic yoga practices with complementary techniques.

Learn in private or small group yoga therapy sessions, trainings and workshops.

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"Judy reminds us, in a down-to-earth and most eloquent way, that matter and form are only the beginning and that our lives are choreographed by a deeper sway.”   Ravi Singh


As a child of the 60’s growing up in southern California the “peace, love and finding yourself” movement was in full swing. In retrospect, I always wanted to understand the “finding yourself” aspect, there just had to be something with that… 

Tune-in provides a basic understanding of the bodymind as a BioMachine and how we, as energetic beings, are having a human experience. It is a guide to help you find your own path to inner peace and freedom-from-fear.

 This experiential book uses amazing art, discussion and connection practices to understand the layers of our humanness and how to access the primitive tools we are born with to better manage trauma, anxiety and other stressors on the bodymind.


This is the pathway to Post Traumatic Growth as you learn how to tune-in to your authentic self – the rhythm of your soul.

Namaste, Judy


These are authentic custom designed nesting dolls from Russia featuring arist Denise Griffin's illustrations inspired by Judy Weaver's book - Tune-in To the Rhythm of Your Soul.


"After working with Judy I was able to reduce the scoliosis curve in my spine by 14 degrees.My practice with Judy has transformed my life for the better. Judy is a true healer in every sense of that word."

Simon Custer

"I started a meditation practice to try to reduce anxiety stemming from childhood trauma. It wasn't until I added trauma-conscious yoga to my practice that I began to experience the benefits of meditation. Initially, I thought it was my mat that was the safe place, eventually I realized it was my body."

Cina Hoey, LCSW, MBSR Teacher

"After struggling with strain-related injuries, Judy taught me ways to discern what helped versus what hurt when my body got stuck. By altering my habitual patterns I have found a new level of freedom."

Adam Scheer

Abou Judy

About Judy

Judy is known for her expertise in the world of trauma recovery and she developed Your Own Growth and Awareness (Y.O.G.A.) as well as Trauma-Conscious Yoga protocols.  She believes that trauma is held in the cells of the body and the mind - the foundation of Bodymind Recalibration™. 

Judy is the founder of the non-profit Connected Warriors, a Co-Founder of Yoga Unify, part of IAYT's competency volunteer team, volunteer on IAYT's Ethics Working Group and a former member of Yoga Alliance Advisory Board. She continues to deliver teacher trainings and is an author and guest speaker at universities across the U.S.

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JW SYF TCY Mini Practice

JW SYF TCY Mini Practice

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