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Core Objectives


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Proprioception – where body parts are with the whole body

Kinesthesia – how the body parts move

Conscious Breath – inhaling and exhaling

Nervous System – physical, mental, emotional state of being

For example - synchronizing breath and movement



Using this new-found awareness you can create new or different connections and change habitual patterns.


Consciously using this awareness, the body moves in different, more efficient and integrated ways, creating healthier patterns for the Bodymind.  



When the body and mind are connected you get to make new choices - you have activated the Bodymind. 


You will learn to take advantage of the pause between thought and re-action which allows you to make conscious choices - creating a new pattern of self-regulation.



Integration or self-regulation is the result of the continued use of the active Bodymind - using your self-awareness to develop healthier habitual patterns.


This will lead to the effortless effort of navigating your new normal to Health and Wellness!

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