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Y.O.G.A. Training

awaken, learn, evolve, transform and bec

Y.O.G.A. or Your Own Growth and Awareness begins with a better understanding and connections with your body and mind as a whole rather than it's parts.  The individual trainings will be announced periodically, please check the website for updates to the Workshop and Training Schedule.  


These classes are eligible for Yoga Alliance CEU's and can apply to all professional programs.

Connect to Your Inner Warrior - 2 Hours

Connecting to your synchronized breath and movement begins the self-awareness of the bodymind to the present moment.  Using the feeling of strength, power and control to connect to your empowerment or inner warrior.  Learn to develop and maintain mobility and movement using lengthening and strengthening techniques to integrate your core connection.  Practicing asana, pranayama and meditation, you will leave feeling strong, empowered and more connected the next time you greet your mat.  Investment $45 includes physio bands

Energetic Beings Having a Human Experience

Who is Driving the Bus

Trauma - Reconnect from Your Disconnect

Being Present is a Physical Thing

The Tortoise and the Bellows Below

The Tortoise and the Hare

Tuning-In to the Rhythm of Your Soul

Bodymind Recalibration

Control-Alt-Delete - Your Biomachine's Reset

What if You Were Not Afraid?

Being Present in Chaos and Peace

Making the Bodymind Connection

Compassionate Accountability

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