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Extended Teaching Programs


These mini programs can be stand-alone or applied towards all professional programs. 

The individual trainings will be announced periodically, please check the website for updates to the Workshop and Training Schedule.  

These programs are eligible for Yoga Alliance CEU's.

Y.O.G.A. Protocol - 20 Hours

If you want to experience a deeper bodymind connection on and off your mat learn to create a solid foundation using Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of YOGA, Panca Maya Kosas, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.


This experiential lecture and practice provides a basic understanding of the Eight Limb Path as you explore and integrate the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation with each aspect of the Eight Limbs – Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi and the Kosas - Annamaya, Pranayamamaya, Manomaya, Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya.  This exploration will inform you how the practice on your mat is reflective of how you live your life and how you can use this information to expand your abilities as a yoga professional.

This will be taught in 5 sessions.  Investment $250


Trauma-Conscious Yoga and Post Traumatic Growth - 20 Hours

Training designed for all yoga professionals of all lineages, styles and traditions.  You will gain an understanding of multiple trauma demographics, trauma, PTS(D), post traumatic growth; explore brain science and biological impacts of trauma, PTS, Trauma-Conscious Yoga and Post Traumatic Growth for PTS relief, explore the bodymind and the subtle body and it's relationship to Post-traumatic growth and learn to apply TCY methodologies in teaching practicums.

This will be taught in 5 sessions.  Investment $250



Lights, Camera, Action - Your Authentic Self - 20 Hours

This discussion and experiential practice provide a basic understanding of body mechanics, planes, direction of movement and the relationship of the spine and pelvis related to asanas. Teachers learn to develop the “eye” to meet students where they are; to articulate effective verbal cues, physical modifications and to sequence classes that supports your intention. Knowing the action of an asana is beneficial for both practitioners and teachers.

This will be taught in 5 sessions.  Investment $250


Meet Your Students Where They Are - 20 Hours

Understanding the importance of your state of being and the role it plays connecting to your student’s state of being. Explore what makes up someone’s state of being and how you can meet them there.  When you see beyond what is in your face you begin to understand how intention manifests in your student’s practice. Learn how to see and feel your intention and when and why your intention changes.  Learn what your edge is and how to find it.  Understand how to observe your student’s edges on and off the mat. Learn how to touch the edge without going over it and the importance of this process.

This will be taught in 5 sessions.  Investment $250


Bodymind Recalibration - 20 Hours

Learning how to recalibrate connections to your Bodymind using techniques that integrate your internal and external systems allows you to better manage your energy teaching groups or private sessions. This integration strengthens the resiliency of the nervous system - enabling better self-regulation.  Accessing proprioceptive, cognitive, somatic, and kinesthetic senses - recalibrate by creating a different relationship to the entire Bodymind.  To successfully reset your nervous system you must be a student of the process – developing self-awareness. 

You will learn about the four objectives - Awareness, Connection, Choices and Integration and how to apply them personally and professionally.

This will be taught in 5 sessions.  Investment $250


Guidance through David Keil's Functional Anatomy of Yoga Program - 15-50 Hours

Learn concepts and principles that help you understand anatomy and make you a more confident practitioner and/or teacher.  You will be guided throughout the on-line course which includes student active engagement, videos, tutorials, one-of-a-kind functional yoga anatomy books.   Purchase the book 

Available on-line courses:  YA 200 - 20 Hours, YA 200 Updated Standards - 30 Hours or YA 300 - 15 Hours

This is a self-paced program.  To qualify for Yoga Alliance CEU's or to apply this course to other professional programs you must complete a minimum of 5 mentorship hours.

Investment for on-line courses: 20 Hour $55; 30 Hour $75; 15 Hour $75

Available guidance options:  1 Hour $125; 5 Hours $500 or 10 Hours $900

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