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Mentorship & Extended Teaching Programs


This program is designed to support yoga professionals with one-on-one sessions to discuss subjects relating to customized technical knowledge and practical application, presentation and authenticity, trauma-conscious and post traumatic growth, and yoga therapy.

The session hours apply to all Professional Programs. 

Rates:  Single Session $125; 5 Sessions $500; 10 Sessions $900

Extend Your Teaching

These mini-programs can be taken individually or towards any professional program.

  • Trauma-Conscious Yoga and Post-Traumatic Growth - 20 hours

  • Y.O.G.A. Protocol - 20 hours

  • Lights, Camera, Action - Your Authentic Self - 20 hours

  • Meet Your Students Where they Are - 20 hours

  • Bodymind Recalibration - 20 hours

  • Guidance through David Keil's Functional Anatomy of Yoga Program - 30-50 hours

These courses are available for CEU's through Yoga Alliance

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